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Projector sales

Using a projector with presentations is state-of-the-art today. Applications are diverse (portable/fix, meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, hotel, etc.) and projecting technology is developing continuously. The selection of the right projector fulfilling all your needs is not always easy, however, it is decisive for the success of a presentation.

Media and conference room technology specialist NUNTIO Audio-Video Solutions assists you in choosing the right beamer, planning of the implementation and assists you in realizing your tailor-made projection solution. Additionally we provide you with any projector accessories and auxiliary devices, e.g. spare bulbs, lenses, ceiling mounts, projector lifts, projector tables, projector noise protection boxes, etc.

Benefit from our nonbinding advisory service. As provider of beamers and projection systems we are at your service in Vienna and anywhere in Austria. We are looking forward to welcoming you as one of our many satisfied customers.

Professional projectors

NUNTIO has a wide range of projector models and technologies, from pocket projector to mounted, high-power installation projectors for big conference rooms and training rooms. In any case will we provide you with the technology which enables you to have the highest quality possible for your presentation. 

  • LCD projector
  • DLP projector
  • LED/LED laser projector
  • 4K projector
  • 3D projector

Projection systems with full service

Although many beamers and projectors look the same, the technical details are as individual as the demands which they need to fulfill depending on application and usage. Therefore you need comprehensive advisory service in order to be able to choose the right beamer for your purpose. No matter, if you want to 'only buy a beamer' or need complete planning and fitting of a conference room – NUNTIO is the right partner for you.

Full service has highest priority. Therefore we are your competent partner for services and maintenance work for projectors of any type. Professional filter cleaning, replacement of a bulb, etc. - regular maintenance work for high performance and reliability is important and prolongs the life of your beamer or projector. 

If maintenance work lasts longer, NUNTIO has a lot of rental devices to replace your device for the time of repairment. NUNTIO has a comprehensive portfolio of rental beamers and projectors.  

Projectors sale – in Vienna and all over Austria

You need a projector or a projection system and you are not in Vienna? NUNTIO is your provider for projectors and conference room technology - we are there for you in Vienna and everywhere in Austria.

Projectors – service, planning, system integration, sale – NUNTIO is the right partner for you!

Comprehensive advisory services and individual solutions is of highest priority for us. From choosing the right projector, detailed planning and system integration to implementation - benefit from our know-how. NUNTIO, your provider of media, presentation and conference room technology is at your service at any time.